What we do ...

This video explains what we create, how we work and what’s in it for you.

Our portfolio

Statista Content & Information Design is a department for information design that belongs to statista.com – one of the world’s largest market research portals. We develop content and visualizations for all of your communication goals. From classic infographics to comprehensive publications, our team offers the right idea for every research, editorial and design task.

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Market Research

How we do it

We’re there for you from the very beginning. Together we develop a topic. Then we research, analyse and filter data, or prepare the content you’ve provided. From developing an idea to distribution, we’re your partner for content marketing and information design.

1 | Idea Development

Together we develop topics and ideas for your content strategy.

2 | Data Research

We find & filter relevant data or prepare your content in a useful way.

3 | Editorial Work

We structure the content to create a coherent storyline.

4 | Design

We create a unique visualization that fits to your corporate identity.

5 | Distribution

Use the Statista portal and newsletters for additional B2B outreach.

The Power of Information Design

Visual information and graphic design grab our attention. They’re easy for the human brain to process quickly and they stay in our memories for a long time. Infographics and other types of information design have the power to reduce complexity down to its true essence.

Working with us, our global customers consistently experience measurable results that highlight the effectiveness of content marketing, primarily in the form of click rate growth, shares, brand popularity, conversions as well as media coverage and sales.

Use our customised infographics, videos, publications or presentations for your upcoming tasks – whether it’s for marketing campaigns, press releases, presentations, newsletters, pitches or social media. Check out a few examples of channels below:

Our Team of Experts


Head of Content Marketing & Information Design projects


Creative Consultant & Business Development Manager


Project Manager/Editorial Researcher

Anna Maria

Project Manager/Editorial Researcher


Art Director